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Leasing Solutions


When it comes to end-of-lease returns, IT equipment with even minor damage can mean costly fines. But when hundreds of computers need to be returned, many organizations—often unaware of penalties for even normal wear and tear—send back leased IT equipment and simply hope for the best.

Vanguard Computers offers ways to help you avoid unexpected penalties and charges related to end-of-lease returns. While most organizations lack the staff to complete a volume of equipment repairs under a tight deadline, our technicians have the skill—at scale—to do so.

Whether it’s for 1,800 laptops or a dozen desktop computers, we perform a thorough system check, make all necessary repairs, then correctly package and return IT equipment to the leasing company on time and in top condition. Our proactive approach is quick, efficient, and designed to help your organization minimize its end-of-lease costs.


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