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Security Solutions for Education

Deny admission to network threats with secure printing and computing from Vanguard Computers and HP

Colleges and Universities’ networks have become prime targets for attacks. Many of these attacks are exploiting vulnerabilities in your network-connected devices to get in. Make sure end-points like network printers aren’t the weak points in your security. Take our free online Print Security Analysis, and see how the security of your network and print environment stacks up against the threats to today’s colleges and universities.

Once you know, you can deny threats admission with secure computing and printing solutions from Vanguard Computers.


We specialize in procuring and deploying battle-tested HP printers, notebooks and tablets that protect your network with built-in security. Plus we offer managed services for higher education customers to keep all the devices on your network running consistently, affordably and securely. When it comes to protecting your network—and reputation—against today’s increasingly sophisticated attacks, we’ve got you covered with secure computing and printing solutions.

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