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Who we are

Vanguard Computers is a Wisconsin based, women and minority owned business that prides itself on the strength of its employees and vendor partnerships. Our main areas of focus are procurement, IT infrastructure management and lifecycle management services and solutions.

What we do

Vanguard Computers ensures that your IT infrastructure will fit seamlessly and effectively into your environment. Partnering with leading IT solution providers, we can manage your technology from start-to-finish while offering technical expertise, support and service excellence.

Why us?

Vanguard Computers offers a comprehensive and relevant portfolio of solutions with flexible deployment options backed by the power of an experienced team. Our client-centric approach to IT infrastructure management means that we become an extension of your organisation.


Lifecycle Management Solutions

Vanguard Computers offers an agile, change-ready infrastructure that is competitively priced and offers lasting value because there is structure and discipline applied to IT lifecycle management. This solution will suit a wide range of business needs and free up IT resources.

Managed Print Solutions

Allowing Vanguard Computers to manage your IT means that your company can avoid leasing penalties, maximize your lease agreements as well as ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements as this is handled in a disciplined and routine way.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Through a partnership with HP, Vanguard Computers offers value and efficiencies, an optimized supply chain, cost effective procurement and the optimal lifecycle management of IT. Our best-of-breed IT infrastructure is on a well-managed refresh cycle that will allow you to maximize your investment.

Leasing Solutions

Vanguard Computers’ leasing options allow our customers to stretch their IT dollars. Combined with lifecycle management which includes end of lease return, you can achieve financial efficiency while avoiding additional and unexpected charges and penalties.

IT/Computer Rentals

Vanguard Computers offers a broad range of reliable devices and products that have a proven track record. Our focus is on choosing the right products to achieve the most economical solution that effectively addresses a myriad of business challenges confronting your organization.


Our expert technical team is equipped with the tools, the knowhow, and the experience to get any repair job—big or small—done right the first time. And, when your products are covered under warranty, we make all repairs at no cost to you—and with no loss of employee productivity.

Security Solutions

In 2015, the average total costs for a single data breach incident topped $6.5 million in the U.S. Even more alarming, in 2014, five universities experienced data breaches bigger than the notorious Sony hack of the same year.

Public Sector Solutions

Vanguard Computers takes pride in working with schools and government agencies. Our longstanding relationships with governmental organizations gives us extra insight to help customers just like you with both technology and navigation of contracts. 

"Vanguard can help with planning, purchasing and financing, deployment of purchased assets, recommending and managing

the assets. It's not just a job or dollars to them, but they do take a true interest in a company’s success."

Thomas - Non-profit Organization

"If I use last year as a model... there will be no chaos. Vanguard is super efficient."

Sharyn - Private Higher Education Institution